Friday, August 27, 2010

How Do You Feel When Someone Takes Advantage of Another Person?

I know there are several reasons why someone would take advantage of another person. People may do it for good or bad reasons, but deep down, it's out of selfishness. I think sometimes in SL, a person can become friends with someone because of the crowd they are associated with. They want to be in that crowd too, and don't really like the person they befriended. Now, they could have done this primarily because they were desperate to be in with those people, and didn't think about the person's feelings and how it may affect them. It either way, it hurts. I had a person think i was using them to get to their sister, but i wasn't. I had no intention of this. So, the friend was hurt and i was hurt. Unfortunately we are not very good friends now. I don't think people should take advantage of other people. There have been several rumors about people taking advantage of other people, becoming alts and taking advantage of people that way too. In the long run, someone will get hurt.

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