Monday, August 30, 2010

Why do you think it is important that we try to save endangered species?

It is important for us to save endangered species because we don't we will not have them anymore. There used to be animals we had years and years ago, but no longer have, such as the Blue Footed Boobie. It was a bird with blue feet, but it no longer exists. So, if we don't have these animals anymore, we can not enjoy them. Those animals are extinct. So, endangered species means animals that there are not very many of, and could soon become extinct if we don't protect them from being killed off. Some animals become endangered because they are killed for their skin or fur. And some are being killed because we are taking their homes.

Friday, August 27, 2010

How Do You Feel When Someone Takes Advantage of Another Person?

I know there are several reasons why someone would take advantage of another person. People may do it for good or bad reasons, but deep down, it's out of selfishness. I think sometimes in SL, a person can become friends with someone because of the crowd they are associated with. They want to be in that crowd too, and don't really like the person they befriended. Now, they could have done this primarily because they were desperate to be in with those people, and didn't think about the person's feelings and how it may affect them. It either way, it hurts. I had a person think i was using them to get to their sister, but i wasn't. I had no intention of this. So, the friend was hurt and i was hurt. Unfortunately we are not very good friends now. I don't think people should take advantage of other people. There have been several rumors about people taking advantage of other people, becoming alts and taking advantage of people that way too. In the long run, someone will get hurt.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I Could Have a Magical Power What Would It Be?

We talked about this on The Milk n Kookies Show once. At the time, i thought, i would love the power of telekenisis, the ability to move objects without touching them. Cuz, it's so annoying when you sit down on the couch, and then you can't get the remote cuz it's on the entertainment center. Then you could just move it to you with your mind. But, as we were talking, my co-host, Koffee, said he would like the power to teleport. And, you know that is much better than telekenisis. You could go see a friend any time you wanted. The only bad thing is if you kept getting that darn error message saying you didn't reach your destination in a timely manner.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Does the Month of August Remind You Of?

August 23, 2010

The month of August makes me think a couple of things. FIRST in RL, it reminds me of my wedding anniversary which is August 20th. The other thing in RL it reminds me of is the county fair, which is at the end of the month also. I likes the fair, kinda... except that it's very crowded.. and sometimes the people scare me.
In SL, the month of August reminds me of school startin, but i guess that happens in RL too. Nothin real exciting happens in SL in August that doesn't happen in RL. It's too bad that something spectacular didn't happen, like when i met my mother. That was in October. :) Oh! i knows! My mother started dating her boyfriend at the beginning of this this month. So, that would remind me of August. :)) I'm glad school has started. In RL, i started school in September, so that doesn't remind me of August either. *giggles* Hmmms.. even though in the second paragraph i said it did.

You can read my journal if you want to...

Hey everybody :) This is my journal for Miss Nevy's class. Of course if you're reading this is it's cuz you're either Miss Nevy or you got the address from Audra :)
The title says (Private.. Keep Out!) but that only cuz it's supposed to be like the cover of a journal/diary, and some say that. Blah, blah, blah.. so, if you're interested in my thoughts about the journal topics, you're more than welcome to read them. :)