Friday, October 8, 2010

Animal I Chose For Animal Kingdom Study and Why

The animal i chose for our Animal Kingdom Studies is the cat, and wild cats like tigers or lions, but the domestic house cat. The reason is because, cats are my favorite animal. I used to be a Neko for over a year, and i like the way cats are. My favorite kind of cat is snuggly ones. I have 3 cats in RL, and they all have personalities i like, and some i don't like so much. My old cat, Max, is very snuggly, but when he gets too friendly, he kneeds your leg and it hurts! But, he gives kisses, and it's very funny. My second cat, Stella, is very sweet, but she is not very snuggly. My last cat is Isabella, we call her Izzy. She is Stella's daughter, but she's kinda skiddish. Only SOMETIMES is she snuggly.

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  1. Both thumbs up HIGH for Max: snuggly is great, so is a kissy cat but kneading your leg is adorable if you remember to keep the claws fairly short. <<3<<3 to you Max!